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NateKiowaJones2Howdy Pard!
Welcome to Steve’s Gunz. I specialize in the lever guns, in particular, the Rossi 92’s but, I work on all the cowboy guns. I`m known as the “Rossi 92 Specialist” only by default. All the easy guns were taken. Shhh… Don’t tell anybody, but, I even work on Marlin, Puma and non-cowboy guns too.

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Effective February 10, we will have a delay on the shipment of orders.

My wife is having extensive back surgery which will involve an extended stay in the hospital and then time in rehabilitation afterwards. She processes the orders for the business and until she is able to resume work, we will not be sending any orders out. We will still accept your orders and once she is back to work, we will send them out in the order we received them. We don’t have any idea at this time how long this will take.

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Steve Young

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My Rossi work started about 1992. If you were into Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) just about everyone had a Rossi 92 and a few people had the 44-40 Rossi 92`s. Back then, 44-40 brass was hard to find. You had to buy new 44-40 ammo, as much as $35 a box and save the brass for reloading. The Rossi 92`s were so stiff and the 44-40 brass being thin walled, they would crush the case mouth destroying the brass. I figured out how to make them work without ruining the brass. A properly tuned 92 does not have this problem. If you’d like more information about my cowboy gun work, call or email me.

Steve Young – “The Rossi 92 Specialist
Alias: Nate Kiowa Jones
Sass# 6765


Steves Gunz Web Store

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“The golden rule of history is those with the weapons make the rules.”

Steves Gunz Web Store


“The golden rule of history is those with the weapons make the rules.”