My Work

My passion is old guns.

Steve1I’ve worked on modern guns but I just don’t get the thrill that I do with the old guns from our history. As a licensed and trained gunsmith, my passion is more towards working on these guns as opposed to just shooting and collecting them. All my life I’ve been a tinkerer. I’ve built race cars. I’ve built motorcycles. I love getting my hands greasy but in the last 10-15 years I haven’t even changed my own oil so I’ve moved on to doing my gunwork. The neatest thing about working on these old guns is I’ve never had to crawl underneath one of them!

The Problem

What I’ve found with the majority of the modern replicas that we use for the CAS game, is that they are usually poorly fitted and then the manufacturers use excessively heavy springs to overcome the poor fit. You can’t really blame the manufacturer because this is a production savings to keep the cost down. Basically, what I do is take them apart, refit the appropriate parts and then add the minimum amount of spring to make the gun operate smoothly. Not only do the guns now operate smoothly, they aren’t wearing themselves out. We’ve all heard about how these guns are made with soft metal and on occasion you will find a soft part, but the majority of the problems will be the result of the heavy springs eating away at these parts. I work hard to build fast, reliable guns.